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WebGL Gems / Contains complete source code to get you started with making 3D worlds and games

webgl gems a 3d game development e-book, instant download
Back cover:
download webgl gems, a 3d graphics coding book
Hey guys, it's me JavaScript Teacher!

Well, my real name is Greg, and I've been making free tutorials since 2004! If you learned something new by browsing my tutorial sites, you have an opportunity to help me continue producing freemiumâ„¢ content by supporting my work.

Grab a copy of Visual Dictionary via this page and save $10 if you're feeling digital. Paperback recommended, though.
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Recent Amazon book review
Contrary to some of the other graphics programming books I've read, WebGL Gems has a non-technical, fluid writing which is fitting for the beginner level. Explanations are short and to the point, and it felt like I walked away with enough to get started with some basic game projects... also briefly covers some 2D sprite rendering toward the end.

The beginner's guide to getting started with in-browser 3D graphics with WebGL library

WebGL Gems is a tutorial book in which well-researched material is presented in dense format as bits of knowledge called gems. Each one ready for practical application, or integration into your own 3D engine.

WebGL has been around for quite some time but there hasn't been many dense tutorials that elegantly and in a non-convoluted way provide source code examples that accomplish practical tasks. This book makes an attempt to fill that space.

This book will help newcomers to the WebGL library get started at an optimal pace through the steep learning curve where each tutorial gradually builds upon knowledge gained in the prior chapters.

Notable content:

  • Source code for rendering illuminated 3D objects
  • ModelView Matrix explained
  • Passing Variables to Shaders
  • 3D Collision Detection
  • Point Light Shader
  • Object Follow "Look At" Camera
Book Content Preview / total 400 pages:
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